The Violent Side Effects of Antidepressants That Many Ignore

The Violent Side Effects of Antidepressants That Many Ignore.


Decreasing your Risk of Arthritis with a Fluoride Filter

A lot of people have already heard of the fluoride water filter systems in the market today. They come in various shapes and sizes but each of them has been designed with the main scope of removing fluoride from your drinking water. There are a lot of reasons going around as to why it is important to remove the fluoride added to our local drinking water supplies. One of the most common reasons for this is due to the fact that out of the fluoride ingested on a daily basis, 40% of it is not eliminated but instead finds its way to our bones and teeth where it can have adverse effects.

The reason that not everybody is running out and buying a fluoride filter is that the conclusive evidence of the effects of fluoride is not as exposed as it should be. One of the problems with the exposure of this evidence being that the pro-fluoridation camp claims the levels put in local water sources are just too low to cause the effects stated by these researches. Research It and Filter Your Water!

Can Fluoride Cause Brain Damage..?

The American National Research Council concluded in 2006 that fluorides in the body have adverse effects on the human brain. To further strengthen this conclusion, in a list of 100 chemicals ingested by humans that can cause neurotoxicity, the US Environmental Protection agency (EPA)put down fluorides as one of the most commonly ingested. Numerous experiments in animals have also proved that fluoride retards learning and negatively influences behavior.

This probably disturbs you, please do your own research- seek the truth and most importantly Filter Your Water…you never know what is in it.

he THE Harmful Effects of Fluoride and Chlorine in the Water and why you need a Fluoride Filter….

Drinking water should be clean, people love their bottled water for this very reason… but we all know that drinking water can easily be contaminated by harmful elements. Some of these harmful elements are fluoride and chlorine. However, these elements can be added to water for its benefits but it has its dangers as well.


In 1945, this element was first added to drinking water and it is because of its quality that it can help fight cavities. However, it has been found that the long-term intake of drinking water of fluoride can case the teeth to yellow. In fact, there have also been reports that it can also cause defects in birth.
This element is utilized in order to eliminate dangerous contaminants from water and it is effective to eliminate diseases that bacteria causes. It can also aid in removing the color from the water but is very toxic. FILTER IT..!

Picking the best Shower Filter…

A lot of people are still not aware that it is very important to not only filter the water that we drink but the one we shower with as well. The reason behind this is that our water supplies are treated with chlorine to remove harmful parasites. Chlorine however can be harmful to your health when ingested or absorbed into your body through the skin. It can end up causing serious health problems like cancer and dementia. This is why it is important for you to find a filter that can remove chlorine from water you use to shower. Do your research and use a shower filter……

Chlorine Filters: Motives to use one….

A lot of us have seen a chlorine filter as we shop around the mall or as we browse the web but not many of us take the wise move and purchase it. A lot of people give the following reasons for not investing in a filter.

· They do not know about chlorine

· They will buy bottled water

· Do not want added utility bills

There is however plenty of motives that greatly outweigh the above reasons for not buying a filter that can remove chlorine from your domestic water. Below are some of these motives that you should greatly consider.

About Chlorine

Chlorine is added to our water supplies in a bid to kill parasites that can be harmful to us. The problem however is that with time, research has shown that the chlorine being ingested or absorbed into our bodies through our skin is harmful as well. Research has shown that chlorine can cause or increase chances of getting Dementia, Bone cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Much Cheaper than Buying Bottled wa

Do you shower..? Do you filter your shower..? Why Not?

It has started becoming common knowledge in many areas of the world that drinking water is not the only water that can endanger our health. Even the water we use in the shower can drastically affect our health. It is for this reason that so many people have begun buying and installing shower head filters. These filters will take out chemicals like chlorine and fluoride from our water which can be absorbed through the skin. Since there are many kinds of shower head filters available in the market today, below are some guiding factors to go on when choosing one.

What can it filter?

The first thing you need to find out is what exactly the shower head filter can remove from your water. Some will remove only particles like sand, other chlorine or fluoride while others are capable of removing all the above. Before you buy a shower filter, you need to know what it can do….do your research and Filter Your Water!