Chlorine Filters: Motives to use one….

A lot of us have seen a chlorine filter as we shop around the mall or as we browse the web but not many of us take the wise move and purchase it. A lot of people give the following reasons for not investing in a filter.

· They do not know about chlorine

· They will buy bottled water

· Do not want added utility bills

There is however plenty of motives that greatly outweigh the above reasons for not buying a filter that can remove chlorine from your domestic water. Below are some of these motives that you should greatly consider.

About Chlorine

Chlorine is added to our water supplies in a bid to kill parasites that can be harmful to us. The problem however is that with time, research has shown that the chlorine being ingested or absorbed into our bodies through our skin is harmful as well. Research has shown that chlorine can cause or increase chances of getting Dementia, Bone cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Much Cheaper than Buying Bottled wa


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