Nanotechnology solutions to combat superbugs – Nanowerk

Fluoride in your water supply is toxic for your family, be aware and filter your water the love of all that is good!

Nanowerk Nanotechnology solutions to combat superbugsNanowerkThis bacterium is often a harmless passenger in the human body, but it can cause illness such as pneumonia or toxic shock syndrome, when it overgrows or produces a toxin. In 1967, another type of penicillin-resistant pneumonia, caused by Streptococcus ……Nanotechnology solutions to combat superbugs – Nanowerk

Now that you know a little more about Fluoride and it’s dangers wont you take the first step to protect your family and filter your water..? PNW Filters has filters that not only remove Fluoride but Chlorine as well..affordable.

Dangerous drinking water in my town..??


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