Do we really need to Filter our Water with a Water Filter…?

Drinking Filtered Water – A Water Filter a Must!

We all need to consume at least 8 glasses of water in a day to prevent dehydration and keep our body going. It’s like the gas you put in your car, without it our body organs will not function accordingly. Every day we lose water because of our regular daily activities. Because of these daily activities we breathe, we perspire, we urinate. We lose more if we get sick or during hot summer days and dry seasons Water also plays a big role in digesting the food we eat transforming them to enzymes and nutrients needed by our body. Believe it or not but a human body is about 50 to 65% water. Thus if we do not replace even just about 10% the ones we lost during our regular daily activities parts of our body will malfunction and will not provide the corresponding necessary functions. When you are thirsty, your initial reaction was that your throat was dry and coarse. Your throat feels it first. But depriving yourself of water…


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