Why you need to Remove Chlorine from your Water.

The common thing people are feared about drinking water is chlorine. People look for ways and means to remove chlorine from water. Installation of chlorine filter is becoming very popular as more and more people are realizing how harmful chlorine is to the human body. Let us now look at the effects of chlorine and how it can be removed from drinking water. The first question to ask is why chlorine is added to the water in the first case? Chlorinating the water was initially started by the military. This was done in order to kill germs and parasites that in found in the water especially in the foreign countries. Many people of the United States were infected water borne diseases and were even fatal in some cases. It was during this time that the Government used the military’s method of chlorinating water. Adding chlorine was never intended to be a permanent solution for destroying germs from water. Reports show that drinking chlorinated water increased the chances of cancer in…..


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