Harmful Effects of Fluoride-Use a Fluoride Filter

Drinking water should be clean, people love their bottled water for this very reason… but we all know that drinking water can easily be contaminated by harmful elements. Some of these harmful elements are fluoride and chlorine. However, these elements can be added to water for its benefits but it has its dangers as well.


In 1945, this element was first added to drinking water and it is because of its quality that it can help fight cavities. However, it has been found that the long-term intake of drinking water of fluoride can case the teeth to yellow. In fact, there have also been reports that it can also cause defects in birth.


This element is utilized in order to eliminate dangerous contaminants from water and it is effective to eliminate diseases that bacteria causes. It can also aid in removing the color from the water but it is considered to be very toxic. People who take a huge amount of water with chlorine have higher risks to develop bladder canc


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