Remove Harmful Chemicals from your Drinking Water…NOW!

he world today has become extremely polluted and getting clean water is almost like a dream come true. So much of industrial waste and or wastes are being dumped in the rivers and other water bodies that every source of water is getting polluted. Let us look at what are the harmful chemicals present in the drinking water these days.

Fluoride: Long ago fluoride was purposely added to the drinking water because it was believed that fluoride protected the teeth. But, it was later discovered that fluoride led to teeth decay and dental fluorosis.
Chlorine: The most commonly found harmful chemical in drinking water is chlorine. People assume that the water they are drinking is chlorinated water which was added in order to make it safe for their consumption. But the truth is something else. The reason why chlorine is added in the water storage tanks is to kill the bacteria and prevent water borne disease from spreading. Though chlorinated water protects people from diseases like …..


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