Should I be removing Fluoride from my water….?

o you want to remove fluoride from your drinking water? Then, it is definitely a sign that you care for your health and that of your family. Let us first look at how this began. Fluoride is a group of compounds which are made up of fluorine and other elements. These compounds are found in the soil.
In the twentieth century Fluoride was added to the drinking water especially for its ability to prevent tooth decay. Research showed that fluoride reduced nearly 60 percent of the dental carries. This was when fluoride was deliberately added to the water. Over a period of time people started realizing that fluoride is not that good for health.
What is the possible ill effects fluoride might cause? Fluoride is said to cause dental fluorosis which is a condition where the tooth enamel is defect. This condition arises because of the interference of fluoride with the teeth that are just developing. Diseases like dementia, Alzheimer, bone cancer, muscle pains, joint pains and……


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