Can Arsenic in your water hurt you..?

If there is one toxic substance that are present in our drinking water that is severely fatal to human beings, it would probably be the mineral called ‘arsenic.’
Arsenic is a metalloid element found in our groundwater. It’s a toxic substance used in alloys for its strengthening properties like those found on cars and batteries. Arsenic is also a potent ingredient in insecticides and pesticides. It is harmful for human and its effect and toxicity could affect various internal organs such as the liver and kidneys. It also can also cause infertility, miscarriages, heart attack and brain damage. But current studies reveal that prolonged ingestion and exposure to this substance leads to various fatal diseases such as cancer of the liver, prostate, skin hyperpigmentation and keratosis, lungs, lymphatic and other grave respiratory diseases. Arsenic is the main cause of Arsenicosis. Arsenicosis is a condition due to ingestion and excessive or dangerous absorption of arsenic in the….


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