Fluoride is in most city water…It is poison.

Preventing the Build Up of Fluoride in Your Body
For many decades in America, fluoride has been added to the local domestic water supplies. This is done in a bid to prevent tooth decay amongst the masses. One of the biggest problems with this solution however is the scientifically proven fact that fluoride slowly builds up in the body over time. Scientists Marier and Rose discovered that out of all the fluoride a healthy adult ingests in one day, the kidneys can only get rid of 50-60% of it by excretion. This means that 40% of it remains in the body daily being concentrated to the bones and the Pineal gland. This is even worse for babies and children as their kidneys that are still in development can only excrete 20% of the fluoride. It therefore goes without saying that over one’s lifetime, the fluoride concentration is in…..Click here for more info.



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