Fluoride Filters are a must…

Whenever any of us get a stomach ache or feel nauseated, the first thing that we do is to try and think of all the things that we ate that could be causing our condition. Not too many of us however will ever stop to think that it may be the water we drink because we have been drinking it all our lives. This may be hard for many to believe especially if they boil their drinking water but it is absolutely true. So how can our drinking water be causing you gastrointestinal problems and how can we know this to be true?


First and foremost, the problem is not the water by itself. The problem is that our water contains fluoride put in it apparently to help grow strong bones and also kill microorganisms. Since a majority of Americans do not use fluoride water filters, or do not even know that they should be using them, this fluoride from the water keeps on accumulating in their bodies and they are not even aware. So how do we know it is a cause of gastrointestinal disorders?…..



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