How to Avoid Brain Damage Caused By Fluoride

How to Avoid Brain Damage Caused By Fluoride

The American National Research Council concluded in 2006 that fluorides in the body have adverse effects on the human brain. To further strengthen this conclusion, in a list of 100 chemicals ingested by humans that can cause neurotoxicity, the US Environmental Protection agency (EPA)put down fluorides as one of the most commonly ingested. Numerous experiments in animals have also proved that fluoride retards learning and negatively influences behavior.


Fluoride however is still being added to our water sources today. The defense behind this fluoridation of water is that the concentrations being used in the animal testing & experiments by agencies like the EPA are much higher than those to be found in our water. The researcher Sawan provided evidence that it takes a concentration of 20 times more than what is used in the experiments to adversely affect humans. Those who advocate for fluoride in our water therefore sustain that these levels are too low to cause us neurotoxicity.

It was however determined by Marier and Rose that as a healthy adult, only 3/5 of the fluoride we ingest is excreted by our kidneys on a daily basis. This means that the other 2/5 remains deposited in various locations of our bodies. In other words the concentration of fluoride is constantly increasing in our bodies the more we ingest it.

The only way to safeguard oneself from the risk of neurotoxicity from fluorides therefore is to ingest as little fluoride as possible. Considering that it is added to our local water supplies, the best solution for this is to get fluoride water filter systems. A majority of these fluoride water filters have been proven to take out as much as 99% of the fluoride in our water. This means that you will be significantly (by 99%) reducing the chances of getting brain damage from fluorides by simply investing in an affordable fluoride filter.

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